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Introduce clients to the latest and most effective trends in the fields of information technology, electronic education programs and systems, digital libraries, electronic curricula, electronic portals; the analysis and development of software programs, institutional structure, and quality; and the field of electronic archiving and electronic education.


Provide our clients with the highest levels of service and innovation in the field of information technology.


We seek to provide our clients with the highest levels of service and innovation, while maintaining our goals and our independent perspective.

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Kawader IT is one of the active exhibitors at the E-Learning and Distance Education Show


Kawader IT is one of the active exhibitors at the E-Learning and Distance Education Show Read More More Details



Launching the new Portal for Princess Nourah Abdulrahman University


Princess Nourah University bint Abdulrahman launched represented in the overall management of information technology and communications portal for the University of the new form, and update the contents of the gate in Arabic and English. The site received during the period of its inception follow-up and direct supervision of His Excellency the Director of the university explained, general supervisor of public administration ... Read More More Details



Launching the Saudi Intellectual Production Abstraction


Library inaugurated by His Excellency the Secretary General of King Fahd National / Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Rashed Saudi intellectual production project summarized in the King Fahd National Library, which aims to build a database of abstracts of books deposited in the King Fahd National Library. Al-Qaeda and include a summary of 115 thousand titles from Saudi intellectual production, and covered all the topics covered in the books Arabia deposited. This is the first project of its kind and is at the level of the Arab world and a national plan for information technology projects, which was an honor for the library implementation of this national project unique ... Read More More Details

Kawader IT is a national Saudi establishment that represents the technological and technical arm of  Alqubbany Group. Based in Riyadh, Kawader IT has provided numerous solutions for government entities and private companies; a matter that allowed it to acquire much experience throughout its professional journey in the field of information technology, e-learning , libraries, and digital content design, according to the latest international standards. In light of this, Kawader IT seeks to consolidate its achievements by investing all its efforts and expertise in providing its clients with the best and latest trends in technology.


• More than 10 years of experience in the field of information technology. 

• A golden partner with numerous international companies.

• A human capital of more than 300 cadres in different technical specializations. 

• Experience in government projects.

• Part of a big commercial group in the field of business.


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  • More than ten years experience in the field of Information Technology .

  • Gold partner for many international companies

  • More than 300 employees human cadre various technical disciplines

  • Experience of government projects

  • Member huge business group in the fields of business in the Kingdom


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