Corporate Overview


Kawader IT is a national Saudi establishment that represents the technological and technical arm of Alqubbany Group. Based in Riyadh, Kawader IT has provided numerous solutions for government entities and private companies; a matter that allowed it to acquire much experience throughout its professional journey in the field of information technology, e-learning , libraries, and digital content design, according to the latest international standards. In light of this, Kawader IT seeks to consolidate its achievements by investing all its efforts and expertise in providing its clients with the best and latest trends in technology.

Kawader IT specializes in the fields of e-learning systems, developing e-courses, library systems, digital libraries, portals, electronic systems, and electronic archiving. Kawader IT also provides consultations in the fields of institutional structure, project management, quality control, information technology, and specialized training to its clients from both the public and private sectors.

Kawader IT works closely with its clients to tackle technical difficulties and problems. Our internal culture drives our teams to listen carefully and apply our problem-solving techniques to discover core issues.

Kawader IT experts communicate with their clients while conducting deep analyses to their environment, with the purpose of setting the best strategies, and finding the best solutions that lead to the achievement of goals, better and deeper group efforts, and a better understanding of problems and difficulties for optimal results and solutions.